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A Contingency Search is a search for which all or most of the agency fee is paid only if the client hires a referred candidate.

We offer two types of contingency fee arrangements:


General Contingency

Typical use: For positions where the client feels they can recruit the position on their own but chooses to see additional candidates from multiple search firms.

Fee: A full fee is charged only if the client hires a candidate referred by RA Clark or another agency.

Our advice: Many clients think by putting the position out to a lot of agencies they will generate the best candidate, while in reality, this model breaks when too many parties are involved. It often leads to miscommunication and loss of control of the process. We advise selecting a limited number of firms thus limiting the potential for duplication and maximizing control.

Exclusive Contingency


Typical Use: For difficult to fill positions where the client is fairly certain a fee will need to be paid. Often the client wants to take an active part in managing the search and has confidence RA Clark can complete the assignment.

Fee: An exclusive search is a contingency search assignment in which RA Clark is the only search firm engaged in the assignment. A full fee is charged only if the client hires a candidate referred by RA Clark.

Our advice: The fee percentage is the same but a mutual commitment to work together improves communication, eliminates duplication and makes for successful searches. This relationship creates a mutual respect and avoids some of the pitfalls of general contingency. The client may choose to put a time limit on the period of exclusivity in order to drive performance.

Business Partner Search

Typical Use: For critical positions in a challenging market where the client is fairly certain a fee will need to be paid.  Clients face in times of economic downturns situations where the number of applicants exceeds their capacity to screen effectively and in a timely manner.  In more common economic conditions the scarcity of candidates in the industry, function, location or need for confidentiality are typical reasons clients elect this service.

Fee: This is a hybrid of the retainer and exclusive contingency model with a portion of the fee paid up front. The balance is paid upon successful completion of the search.

Our Advice: This maximizes the working relationship, limits the retainer amount but does not commit the client to a full fee unless a referred candidate is hired.

Retained Searches are also offered for clients that have very difficult positions to fill.

Retained Search

Typical Use: For difficult positions that the client has determined that a fee will need to be paid to recruit the role. Retained searches are best used when the client needs confidentiality such as an incumbent that needs to be replaced or during a restructuring.

Fee: A retained search costs about the same as a contingency search, plus expenses. RA Clark takes ownership of the search, to include all internal and external candidates. This places us in an objective role to evaluate all candidates equally. Typically the client is charged one third of the fee to initiate the search, another third after 30 days and the final third after 90 days. Fees and expenses for retained searches are due at different time increments and are not based on completion of the project.

Our Advice: This product is typically for very hard to find senior positions that are difficult to fill. We have an exceptional track record of successfully completing retained searches.

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