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My primary hesitation about engaging a recruiter is that in the past when doing so we've received for lack of a better term, too many junk resumes that obviously missed our specs for desirable candidates. Then we are inundated with calls from the recruiters pushing for an interview which all together ends up in a huge waste of our time. We are looking for a firm to earn their fee by providing us with well screened and qualified candidates that can lead to a long term fit.

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GSI Commerce, an e-commerce and multi-channel solutions provider, annually increases their employee base by more than 50% each fall in order to meet the demands of their retail clients.  Historically, the company has incurred the expense of using a staffing firm to provide all hourly employees for their locations nation wide during this time.  In order to increase their margins, GSI implemented a new staffing model to better support their staffing ramp up.



Two weeks before temporary staff was needed in place, Human Resource Dimensions was brought on to partner with GSI.  In lieu of paying a firm to hire each temporary employee, HRD proposed that GSI hire multiple HR contractors for each site to oversee hiring and overflow Employee Relations’ issues.  To respond quickly to GSI’s needs,

HRD formed relationships with traditional as well as unique partners in the local areas.  Our research staff identified individuals potentially qualified candidates for interim HR positions in the local areas. We identified contractors that could work a challenging schedule, maximizing both GSI’s budget and the contractor’s effectiveness. Human Resource Dimensions had employees working from 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday and a presence on the weekend as well.  This allowed for better communication with candidates and faster hires.



By working in partnership with Human Resource Dimensions, GSI was able to hire over 700 temporary employees in 7 weeks.  Due to the high caliber of our interim HR professionals and the application of their expertise to the recruiting and staffing process GSI experienced the highest interview to hire ratio in recent history, resulting in their lowest rate of turn over during their season.

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